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Tru Cost of Vacation Calculator
If you bought your Timeshare, Vacation Club, or Vacation Ownership because it was supposed to be a more economical way to vacation, you might want to run your figures through our Tru-Cost Calculator.

You might be surprised to find out how much you are spending on a yearly basis just for accommodation at a resort. When you add in the travel expenses, meals and activities as well it is a real eye opener. Most Timeshare Owners find that in reality they are being forced to spend at least 50% more than they would have on a vacation of the same caliber purchased outside of the timeshare industry.

Not only are they forced to spend more but they are also restricted to the availability within their club or exchange company and rarely, if ever, get to go where they want, when they want.

In today’s economy with the rising cost of living every penny counts. Consumers deserve to know the truth about what they may be purchasing so they can make an informed decision. Too often the decision to purchase a timeshare, vacation club, or vacation ownership is based on false promises and misrepresentations from unscrupulous sales representatives. If that describes your situation call today for help and receive a Free Consultation: 1-888-535-8930
Monthly Payment $
Maintenance Fees $
Membership Dues (RCI/II) $ $150 Avg 1/year
Exchange Fees $ $125 Avg 1/year
Monthly Payment x 12 Months $
Maintenance x 12 Months $
Total Yearly Payment and Maintenance $
Yearly Payment x 10 Years $
Yearly Maintenance x 10 Years (+ 5% Increase Per Year) $
Membership Dues + Exchange Fees x 10 Years $
Total 10 Year Payment, Maintenance, Membership and Exchange Fees $

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