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We are professionally recognized in the industry as the “go to” people if you want to legally cancel your contract, and obligated debt to your timeshare resort, travel, and vacation clubs.  We are frequently contacted by attorneys, real estate executives, financial advisors,  and most importantly, consumers just like you who are seeking advice, knowledge and expertise from the professionals in the timeshare cancellation industry.

Whether you signed your contract more than ten years ago, a year ago, last week or even yesterday, there’s no scenario that’s beyond our expertise.  Our professional services are backed by our 100% money back guarantee, and in some cases, we can even successfully get partial or full refunds for you. So even if you’re unsure whether you were a victim of fraud or misrepresentation, give us a call…WE HAVE YOUR TIMESHARE-ANSWERS!!!

We are not attorney’s, they hire us to do the work for you. Why pay an attorney, when we guarantee our professional service for a fraction of the cost???

If you have timeshare questions like: “How do I cancel my timeshare contract?”, “Is my timeshare worth money?”, “Is there any way to walk away from my timeshare contract?”, or “Can I rent my timeshare?”, then you need timeshare answers. Welcome to Timeshare Answers, the first and only company to offer a guaranteed solution for every unique situation. No matter what your question or current situation our commitment to you remains the same; WE HAVE YOUR TIMESHARE-ANSWERS!

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Thank you timeshare answers for assisting me in canceling my timeshare contract that was sold to my girlfriend and I on a high pressure sales presentation where the salesman lied and would not take no for an answer

Jason, Massachusetts

Timeshare-Answers solved my problem, they connected me to a company that was able to get me a good rental price for my timeshare week that I so foolishly purchased and could not afford to use this year due to my heavy work schedule driving

Richard, LikiTiki owner
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